Friday, April 6th, 2018

Reality star turned entrepreneur Kristin Cavallari is coming back to reality TV with new docu-series Very Cavallari, announced E! this month.

Cavallari, who formerly starred in Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Dancing with the Stars season 13, will be documenting her new life in Nashville with her husband, retired football player Jay Cutler.

“Our audience has followed Kristin…. and will now get a view into her life as entrepreneur and style tastemaker,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, EVP of Development and Production at E!.

“We will see Kristin push herself as a boss of a new and expanding brand while combating the pressure to succeed.”

Cavallari has worked as an actress and charity worker, and has her own jewellery design and lifestyle brand, Uncommon James. She is also mother to three children with her husband Jay, and the series is set to offer an inside look at her life as businesswomen, wife and mother.

Very Cavallari will premiere on E! this spring.

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