One Animal’s Remarkable Story On PBS

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

A newborn wildebeest calf is seized by a lioness. But instead of tearing it to pieces, the lioness bonds with it, sparing its life and later letting it go. This is only the beginning of an epic adventure, and the story of one extraordinary calf’s breathtaking survival.

Separated from its mother, the chances of the calf surviving are slim. But miraculously its cries are answered – and mother and calf are reunited. Together they join the million-strong herd for the great migration in search of greener pastures. But there are hungry predators and many pitfalls ahead. Featuring incredible footage and gripping drama, Survivor (Friday 7th, 7.15pm) invites you to join the world’s greatest land migration, and see nature’s biggest drama through new eyes.

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