Provocative new series brings foodies face-to-face with their meat

Friday, April 13th, 2018

INSIGHT TV, one of the world’s largest HDR broadcasters, has announced the commission of its new show, Travel with a Goat. The programme aims to highlight the life and death decisions behind everyday eating habits.

The series will see two foodies tasked with spending days trekking with a goat, or other livestock, through South America, Asia and Europe. The goal is to have the foodies forge a path through cities, forests, rivers and deserts just like domestic farmers and traders do.

Travel with a Goat is part of a growing food movement that questions the ethics of eating animals for food, and raises awareness of the environmental, economic, and cultural impact of the current food production industry.

“Many of us regularly buy meat from the supermarket without much consideration of how the animal lived or was killed,” said Arun Maljaars, Director of Content & Channels at INSGHT TV. “We find it shocking when faced with the reality yet still continue to eat meat.”

“With this programme we aim to spark the conversation and debate in an entertaining way regarding the hypocrisy that often comes between us and the food on our table.”

At the end of the series, the animal will be surrendered over for food – but only if both participants agree to do so.

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