Friday, November 17th, 2017

Late 80s counter culture graphic novel ‘Deadly Class’, by Rick Remender and Wes Craig, is getting new life on Syfy, with the full cast for the coming-of-age story recently announced.

Set in San Francisco during the heart of 1980s counter culture, ‘Deadly Class’ follows disillusioned teen Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) as he enters a legendary high school for assassins. Led by Master Lin (Benedict Wong), the School for the Deadly Arts has the usual vicious social cliques with a ruthless – and deadly – curriculum.

‘Deadly Class’ will also star Lana Condor as the mysterious Saya, Maria Gabriele de Faria as the unstable but charming Maria, Liam James as the skater punk Billy, and Michel Duval as Chico, the frightening son of a cartel drug lord.

Universal Cable Productions and Sony Pictures Television will produce the live-action series pilot, which is co-created by Remender and Miles Feldsott, with ‘The Avengers’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo executive producing.

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