Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Oprah Winfrey reveals the best advice she’s ever received on ‘The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations’. The second series premieres with Oprah as a guest on Bloomberg Television this weekend.

In the interview, Oprah speaks candidly about the best advice she ever received, from her friend and poet Maya Angelou.

“Maya said to me, ‘You have no idea what your legacy will be. Because your legacy is every life you’ve touched.’”

Oprah continues, “We like to think that these great philanthropic moments are the ones that will make the huge difference in the world, but it’s really what you do every day.”

“It’s how you use your life to be a light to somebody else’s.”

In the interview, Oprah also fields questions regarding whether she would consider running for president and shares what she learned from hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The series two premiere of ‘The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations’ airs on Bloomberg Television UK on 4 March at 2pm and 5 March at 3pm.

You can watch sneak peeks of the interview on


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