Friday, November 17th, 2017

Willa Fitzgerald has been tapped as the lead of E!’s new pilot ‘#Fashionvictim’, a dark comedy written by Daniel Waters and set to be directed by his brother, Mark Waters.

Fitzgerald will star as Anya St Clair, a fashion aficionado, Instagram trendsetter and associate editor of a popular magazine. Beneath her angelic charm and composure, Anya has a dark side that she finally taps into, granting her a spooky strength that might just change the course of her life – and her career.

Fitzgerald, who was nominated for a 2015 Teen Choice Award for her leading role in MTV’s ‘Scream’, recently completed production for a starring role in BBC America’s series ‘Little Women’, and will also star alongside John Cusack in feature film ‘Blood Money’, set for release in 2018.

‘#Fashionvictim’ hails from Universal Cable Productions and ThinkFactory Media, and will be executive produced by the Waters brothers, alongside Jessica Tuchinsky. Principal photography is set to begin in New York this December.

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