INSIGHT TV Reaches Spanish-Speaking Homes Across the US

Friday, November 10th, 2017

INSIGHT TV has announced a key distribution deal with one of the US’ largest independent media companies, Olympusat, who cater to a multicultural audience.

Olympusat will distribute INSIGHT TV in HD via its Spanish language VEMOX OTT Everywhere platform to its own subscribers and to third-party operators in the US and Latin America. VEMOX is a white label OTT TV Everywhere B2B solution, currently available in the US through Consolidated Communications on Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV, iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s accessible also on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick platforms.

Graeme Stanley, Commercial Director of INSIGHT TV said, “This year we have signed a number of key distribution deals with major operators across the world. Our high-quality content appeals to all demographics in all territories and we want to give TV viewers globally the chance to experience INSIGHT TV.”


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