Friday, December 1st, 2017

A new Hallmark Christmas film starring Candace Cameron Bure hits UK screens this week, with double the Candace.

‘Switched for Christmas’ sees the ‘Full House’ star taking on two roles as she plays twins who switch lives for Christmas.

“Not only am I playing two characters, Chris and Kate,” explained Cameron Bure, “but I also have to play each character as the other character because we switch within the movie. So it gets a little complicated keeping track of who I’m playing.”

The doubled effect of having the twins on-screen together was achieved using a combination of a body double and a technodolly camera.

“This is my first time playing twins in a film and the technology is pretty incredible when you see both of us on screen together,” said Cameron Bure.

‘Switched for Christmas’ premieres on Christmas24 on Saturday 16 December at 3pm. The romantic comedy also stars Eion Bailey and Mark Deklin as the twins’ love interests.

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