Friday, April 20th, 2018

INSIGHT TV, a UHD broadcaster, has announced it is creating a Windows Store Application that will allow true 4K UHD content to be streamed to any Universal Windows Platform (UWP) device.

The new app is being built on the latest eight generation Intel® Core™ processors and will be available in Q2 2018. According to INSIGHT, the new app will deliver an “optimum viewing experience” on Windows devices, delivering a 4K UHD entertainment hub with original shows and movies with premium clarity.

Arun Maljaars, Director Content and Channels, INSIGHT TV, stated: “This is a really exciting opportunity for INSIGHT TV, and we are delighted that Intel is collaborating with us on this development. This app will enable our customers to access an array of exciting true 4K UHD content available online, in one place.”

What the industry says about US

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