Friday, April 7th, 2017

Trace made history this week by launching the world’s first hybrid digital service, featuring live TV and radio, as well as streaming on-demand, dedicated completely to urban music and entertainment.

The app, known as TracePlay, has initially been made available in the United States, some parts of Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, with a further 200 countries set to follow by the end of the month.

Available in English and French across a range of platforms, it offers instant and unlimited access to 10 live music and sports TV channels, 31 radio stations and over 2,000 pieces of content on-demand.

Commenting on the launch of the app, CEO Olivier Laouchez said: “TracePlay has been our most ambitious project since our inception, and represents a unique opportunity to continue and accelerate Trace’s global growth.”

What the industry says about US

VOD365, Suurbritannia

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Deutsche Mailbox, Saksamaa

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