Saturday With Bogie On Sony Movies Classic

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Sony Movies Classic brings you an afternoon of iconic movies starring Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart from 1.40pm this Saturday afternoon. Immerse yourself in some classic film-noir in Dead Reckoning. Bogart stars as WWII soldier Rip Murdock, whose war buddy suddenly disappears instead of receiving his Medal of Honour.  Convinced that nothing is as it seems, Rip’s investigation soon becomes more dangerous than expected when he meets the captivating Coral and learns of her husband’s murder…

Years after Bogart’s Casablanca days, Humphrey finds himself a bit further East in French-occupied Damascus for Curtis Bernhardt’s Sirocco. In 1925 Harry Smith (Bogart) – a selfish American ex-pat – is involved in some dangerous smuggling and gun running for the Syrian rebels until he gets arrested by the French. Forced to start selling weapons to the other side, he soon develops an interest in a French officer’s mistress – the elusive Violette. And you are in for a treat with The African Queen – one of the greatest movie classics of all time. Humphrey Bogart stars as heavy-drinking engineer Charlie, who operates a run-down river boat called the African Queen during 1914 in German East Africa. British Christian missionaries Samuel and Rose (Katharine Hepburn) must rely on Charlie for their travels until one day, a tragic event leaves Rose in the sole hands of Charlie and they must navigate their way through

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