Friday, December 23rd, 2022

Join GREAT! Movies Christmas to round out the Countdown To Christmas with the channel’s top 5 movies! After damaging her face, social media influencer and renowned queen of Christmas Ginger Holiday shies away from the spotlight in A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CHRISTMAS (2pm). Worried that she will lose both her following and her sponsorship, Ginger’s agent Derek sets up a fake engagement with bad boy Beau Bradley to win back her followers. Then, in CROWN FOR CHRISTMAS (4pm), Allie reluctantly accepts a new job as the governess to a young girl who is part of a powerful family in the small country of Winshire. After arriving, Allie learns that the young girl is a princess called Theodora and her father is the powerful King Maximillian of Winshire. To Allie’s surprise, she gets along with Theodora immediately, and eventually sparks start to fly between Allie and King Max. But with Max due to marry the powerful Countess Celia, will Allie lose him to his duty as king?
In A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS (6pm), Angie takes a night off from her demanding job to let loose and have fun at the Christmasquerade Ball. Anonymous in her gown and mask, Angie quickly catches the eye of Nikolaus, a wealthy local bachelor and playboy. Despite their masked appearances, the pair fall for each other, but when Angie has to rush off, Nikolaus is left searching for his mystery woman. Angie must choose between pursuing her lifelong dream of running a business or following her heart in this contemporary take on the classic fairytale.


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We are very happy with the press schedules that we receive from Global Listings. The documents they produce and deliver to us are very clear and complete with all the required information. The TV channel information is always up to date. A great service and the teams are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

MAXtv, Croatia

As EPG administrator for MAXtv, I am very pleased with your schedules, highlights and EPG files. These are always on time and in a form that suits our needs perfectly. I would rate your EPG service as excellent.