Friday, August 20th, 2021

Ears, legs, and labours are just some of the issues Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder are fixing in this brand-new series of Heartland Docs. Challenged with winter blizzards, spring tornados, and blistering summer heat waves, the Schroeders are working extra hard to save the animals America depends on. Luckily, Ben and Erin have the skill and heart that a homestead vet requires, and they’re anxious to pass it along to the next generation.

Jam-packed full of nail-biting content including a cow labour that is too weak to stand, chickens with mysterious leg ailments and a litter of piglets with the squirts, this heart-warming series isn’t one to miss. Tune in to see how the Schroeders continue to help animals in the midst of crisis from 8pm on Wednesday 25th on National Geographic WILD.


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