A+E Launches History and Lifetime Channels in Korea

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

A+E Networks has launched its History and Lifetime channels in South Korea, having secured linear television coverage in 20 million homes across the country. The channels will feature diverse programming include documentaries, original dramas and talk shows.


Lifetime will use the slogan ‘Find Yourself in Lifetime’, and its first two shows will be ‘Idol Moms’, a competition show inspired by Dance Moms, and ‘The Best Moment to Quit My Job’, adapted from a Korean webcomic, or webtoon. Meanwhile, using the slogan ‘Knowledge is Fun’, History will feature a brand new original series called ‘History in a Bottle’, a programme about Korean alcoholic drinks.


A+E has also signed an agreement for content format development with the leading South Korean talent management agency iHQ, also known as the ‘Asian Entertainment Industry Powerhouse’.


What the industry says about US


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