Friday, February 9th, 2018

The Frontline documentary programme Opium Brides, which airs on PBS America this week, explores the unintended and often tragic consequences of Afghanistan’s efforts to bring down the opium trade.

Reported by award-winning Afghan-British journalist Najibullah Quraishi, the programme examines the effects of sweeping reform through interviews with the victims of Afghanistan’s counter-narcotics programme, as well as the officials who enforce it.

The story is told through the account of a farming family based in the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan. When their opium crop was destroyed as part of the government’s opium eradication programme and they were unable to repay the drug-traffickers they had borrowed money from, they were forced to hand over their seven-year-old daughter.

Opium Brides airs on PBS America Friday 16 February at 10:15pm.

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ESPN Classic, Europa

Servicering af sportsfans, uanset hvor og hvornår der ses sport, er en hjørnesten i ESPN Classic, og lokalisering af vores programoversigter er et vigtigt bidrag til at opnå dette. Global Listings har vist sig at være en kvalitetsressource med hensyn til dette.

SkjarHeimur, IJsland

We maken optimaal gebruik van jullie highlights en we kunnen met recht zeggen dat jullie kanaal meer zichtbaarheid heeft en meer reclametijd in onze e-mails/tijdschrift krijgt, dan de kanalen die ons geen highlights leveren. We waarderen jullie service met een tien!