‘Genius Kitchen’ Extends On-Demand Content to Android Devices

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Genius Kitchen, Scripps Lifestyle Studios’ new food-focused digital platform aimed at younger audiences, is being expanded to Android devices and Android TV.

With this launch, the 150+ hours of Genius Kitchen on-demand content – including original shows like ‘GK Now’, ‘Feast with Friends’ and ‘Simply Nigella’ – will now be available to Android users.

In conjunction with the Android announcement, Genius Kitchen is debuting a new special, ‘Famous Food Truck’, which is hosted by YouTube celebrity and Canadian actor Harley Morenstein and features social media influencer and ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant Hayes Grier as the celebrity guest. Together in their tricked-out food truck, Harley and Hayes show viewers how to create Korean-inspired egg sandwiches and hand them out to fans.

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