Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Hot on the heels of his role in A+E’s smash hit Vikings, Travis Fimmel has signed up to work with HISTORY again to develop a scripted anthology series based on famous anti-heroes.

With Wyatt Earp among the bad boys who will be featured, this as-yet-untitled project promises to be a compelling new take on some of history’s most notorious characters.

“Travis is a remarkable actor and we’re honored to continue our relationship with him after his recent magnetic performance on Vikings,” said Arturo Interian, Senior Vice President, Scripted Programming, HISTORY.

Fimmel himself says: “I’ve always been fascinated with what motivates people’s transgressions and the scandalous journey into infamy. I wanted to re-examine stories people think they know without the rose-coloured glasses of Hollywood and let the audience decide for themselves if people like Wyatt Earp were sinners or victims of life circumstances.”

Fimmel’s character in Vikings of course met a somewhat grisly end – something that’s sure to befall many of the anti-heroes in this new series too.


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