Ancient Egypt Comes Alive on PBS

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Egypt’s Sun King: The Mystery Tombs

Starts Thursday 13 April at 7.20pm on PBS

In 2011 a team of archaeologists from the University of Basel made an astounding discovery in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. By chance they had discovered a new tomb, the first to be found since that of Tutankhamun.

Inside it were two bodies. One was that of a royal princess from the time of Amenhotep III – a man considered to be one of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs. As if that wasn’t enough, a previously unexcavated tomb nearby was found to contain at least 30 other bodies. Could they all be princesses too? Follow the astonishing archaeological story as painstaking detective work attempts to unravel the mystery of the tombs, and the truth about what happened many thousands of years ago.


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