Animal Magic On Sony Movies Christmas

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Settle down for a Saturday full of puppies and ponies with Sony Movies Christmas on the 21st, because it’s Christmas Animals Weekend! In festive feline caper Santa Claws (1pm), all young Tommy wants for Christmas is his own kitten. Little does he know that Santa is allergic to cats. Because of this sensitivity, usually Mr Claus has a strict ‘no cats as gifts’ policy. However, since Tommy has been such a good boy, Santa is prepared to lift this rule and send him a cute furry friend.  Chaos ensues when a whole litter of kittens stow away in the sleigh and Santa’s allergies get the best of him, rendering him unable to deliver all his presents. Will the furry little helpers manage to save Christmas day?

When spoiled, 21-year-old college student Luce Lockhart is forced to take a job over the holidays walking a rich developer’s dog, she is thrilled to discover they are going to build a salon and spa over the quaint local dog park nearby in A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale (7pm). But when Luce meets Dean, an irritating yet handsome dogwalker actively trying to stop them, Luce is forced to question what the park means to her newfound friends, and whether she can put aside her selfish ways to help save the park before Christmas.

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