Attenborough on Ants on PBS!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Attenborough’s Ant Mountain

PBS: Wednesday 3 May at 7.35pm

Enter the mysterious world of the wood ants as Sir David Attenborough visits the mountains of the Swiss Jura to see two very different colonies in action.

One super-colony is over a billion strong – one of the largest animal societies on Earth. Life here is based on co-operation and harmony. But in a second single mound, city ants of the same species wage continual war on neighbouring colonies. Tens of thousands of ants are killed in these conflicts each year.

Enter the kingdom of the ants as 4K-capable endoscopes and specially designed miniature 4K lens systems help explore these miniature empires in ways that have never been seen before – from the perspective of a tiny wood ant.


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