Early News Year’s Eve On Great! Christmas

Friday, November 3rd, 2023

Royal New Year’s Eve


As the festive season fast approaches, there’s some all-new Christmas film offerings to enjoy.

In Royal New Year’s Eve, magazine assistant Caitlyn is stunned when Prince Jeffrey and his presumed future fiancé Lady Isabelle come to town. Having always dreamed of a huge future in fashion, Caitlyn is ecstatic when Isabelle hires her to design her dress for the royal New Year’s Eve ball, where Jeffrey is supposed to propose. As Caitlyn and Jeffrey begin planning for the ball, whilst Caitlyn also designs Isabelle’s dress, the two begin to fall for each other.

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NBC Universal Global Networks, Central and Eastern Europe

We have worked with Global Listings on the launch of new channels into Central and Eastern Europe and have been very impressed with the standard of service, prompt responses to schedule amendments and proactivity in getting schedule and highlights information in plenty of time, as well as the delivery of our EPG content.


I continue to be VERY happy and impressed with your GL teams. Thank you so much for everything!