E! Launches New Series On Snapchat

Monday, October 30th, 2017

E! News will launch its latest eight-episode Snapchat series, ‘Face Forward’ on Saturday, 21 October 2017.

The series is a new take on the standard makeover tutorial, with beauty guru Patrick Starrr, online hair sensation Tiarra Monet, and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek making up the glam team who provide some lucky participants in a complete style overhaul, complete with a celebrity-inspired photo shoot.

“’Face Forward’ is the ideal next step in expanding our original content created specifically for our mobile audience on Snapchat,” said John Najarian, executive vice president and general manager, E! News & Digital. “Lifestyle is a huge passion point for our audience and this new series is the perfect format to tap into that demand.”

‘Face Forward’ joins ‘The Rundown’ and ‘Ask Kylie’ as the latest series launched in partnership between E! and Snapchat.


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