Monday, August 29th, 2022

‘Classic with Love’ SUNDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER FROM 2.15 PM

Catch a GREAT! line up of classic favourites from across the eras with

Where Angels Fear To Tread is based on the provocative 1905 novel by E. M. Forster and stars Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis, Rupert Graves, and Helen Mirren. In the early 20th century, the wealthy widow Lilia Herriton (Mirren) impulsively marries a very young handsome man while visiting Tuscany, Italy.

The man is a poor dentist, and her wealthy English family are disapproving of him and his lack of family name. Lilia dies giving birth to their son, so her two English relatives travel to Italy to take care of and gain custody of the baby. The pair expect everything to go smoothly with no trouble from the father, but that’s far from what the pair find when they arrive in Italy.

Hey there, Georgy Girl! This charming comedy drama, set in 1960s swinging London, is both hilarious and heart breaking. Lynn Redgrave got a well deserved Best Actress nomination for playing the title role, a somewhat dowdy, but incredibly vivacious young woman who is just itching to explore life. But she faces a dilemma when she’s pursued by her father’s older employer and the young lover of her promiscuous, pregnant flatmate . Also starring great British talent including Charlotte Rampling, Alan Bates, and James Mason, the film features the infectious theme song “Georgy Girl” by the Seekers.

2.15pm: Where Angels Fear to Tread
4.35pm: Georgy Girl
6.45pm: Cover Girl
9pm: Priest of Love


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