GREAT! Movies Christmas launches with Mariah Carey!

Monday, September 13th, 2021

GREAT! Movies Christmas opening day premiere treats you to a brand-new channel premiere to unwrap with A CHRISTMAS MELODY (THURSDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 4PM), directed by and starring the legend that is Mariah Carey!

After her fashion business in Los Angeles folds, widowed mother Kristin is faced with the task of moving back to her hometown of Silver Falls, Ohio, with her young daughter Emily.

The move is difficult for both of them, and the pair have their ups and downs moving back to this small town.

Especially as the move brings Kristin face to face with Melissa (played by Carey), her former rival from high school and none other than the current president of the local PTA!

Kristin and Melissa are immediately back to their old ways and are instantly at odds with one another. It’s up to the pair’s loved ones to show them the Christmas spirit and help them to overcome their differences during this holiday period of reconciliation.


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