Thursday, December 1st, 2022

GREAT! Movies Christmas picks a host of festive romance films this Saturday, the 3rd. MY CHRISTMAS DREAM (12noon) follows ambitious department store manager Christina Masters as she pulls out all the stops to land her dream job position in Paris. Determined to create the best holiday display, she enlists the help of ex-employee Kurt to help. When their relationship becomes more personal, Christina is faced with a choice: her dream job or her dream guy. Then, the Spruces and the Pines, two rival Christmas tree farm-owning families, have been feuding for years in A STAR-CROSSED CHRISTMAS (2pm). So when the respective heirs fall in love, they must keep their growing Yuletide romance a secret or they’ll risk a Christmas calamity that could destroy everything.
In LOVE STRIKES TWICE (8pm), Caroline, trapped in an unhappy marriage, goes to file for divorce, but tragedy strikes on her way to drop off the divorce papers when she is hit by a car and wakes up suffering from amnesia. After nearly losing it all, her nearly ex-husband Jake takes this opportunity to start afresh, and make Caroline fall in love with him a second time around. Jack puts everything he’s got into his second chance, and with a little Christmas magic, he is determined to rekindle their relationship.


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