GREAT TV! Is King Of The Castle!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024



The best-selling mystery novelist Richard Castle and his dedicated detective partner Kate Beckett are back this week as double showings of Castle feature in the line-up from 11am every weekday.

In Hedge Fund Homeboys a group of wealthy teens play Russian Roulette with a bullet-less gun. One night, however, a bullet is placed in one of the chambers and kills one of them. When another boy supposedly commits suicide, it’s up to the team to discover the truth and decide whether the suicide was committed due to guilt.

Then, later in the week, a woman found drowned in a bathtub full of motor oil is initially identified as a missing suburban housewife, until it’s discovered that her identity had been stolen from a deceased child, and it is up to Castle and the crew to uncover who the woman really is in Ghosts.

Finally, in A Death In The Family, Castle and Beckett investigate when a plastic surgeon is brutally murdered; Alexis goes to her first prom; Castle uncovers surprising information when he looks into Beckett’s past.


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We use your highlights to the maximum and we can truly say that your channels have more exposure and get more ad time in our e-mail/magazine than those channels who do not provide us with highlights. We rate your service as an A!

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Global Listings are a key strategic partner for H&C TV as we build our channel business in Sweden. They ensure that we provide our distributors with a comprehensive, accurate and professional service at all times. They clearly understand our business priorities and have shown themselves willing, and able, to support us in meeting them.