Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Modern science offers fascinating insights into a mental process we all rely heavily upon: decision-making. Throughout our lives, we must decide on matters as fundamental as what to eat, how to spend our money, who to pair up with, and who gets our vote.

HACKING YOUR MIND (Monday 6th – Thursday 9th, 9.50pm) shows how these sometimes surprising new findings cast fresh light on the often mysterious motives behind our choices. Also revealed are the ways in which these discoveries are influencing advertising and politics. Hosted by science and technology journalist Jacob Ward, the series features leading experts who explain this current scientific revolution, and examines and illustrates the potential impact upon our lives of this valuable new self-knowledge.


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BIKE has worked with Global Listings since 2015. They’ve reliably supported us as we continue to grow both in Italy and the UK. Whatever the issue, whenever we need them, Global Listings provide exceptional customer service and technical assistance. The Global Listings teams are very efficient and responsive and we are very happy to be in partnership with them.