Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Celebrate the natural world with a collection of wildlife series and specials, including:

YUKON’S WILD GRIZZLIES – take an unforgettable journey to northern Canada in a remote part of the country that is untouched by humans. Filmed over two years, the show features sweeping vistas of open plains on the Arctic Circle and frigid rivers in vast mountain ranges. This is the story of a young female grizzly as she grows into adulthood. Against the backdrop of the vast Yukon tundra, the lifecycle of Arctic changes from frigid Winter to Spring thaw with a brief sunny season in between.

EPIC YELLOWSTONE – visit a place where snow meets fiery underground forces, where waters travel from Rocky Mountain peaks to the Great Plains, and where age-old battles between predator and prey take place. This is Yellowstone, home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife in America. Join host Bill Pullman on an exploration of its colourful springs and raging waters, its glittering winters and lush summers, and its returning packs of predators and vast array of winged creatures.

Watch these gripping woldlife documentaries on Smithsonian on Saturday, 7 August from 4PM BST.


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