Friday, June 29th, 2018

Kids’ video on demand network Ketchup TV is preparing to wow children this summer break with their travel-themed programming.

Children are invited to take a trip to Africa with cheeky Zigby the Zebra, who lives on a tropical island with his pals McMeer the Meerkat and Bertie Bird, and visit the colourful cast of animals in Tinga Tinga Tales.

Inspired by the Tingatinga art of Tanzania, Tinga Tinga Tales brings the traditional art of storytelling to life with tall tales of how animals came to be the way they are today.

Then, it’s on to the jungle with George of the Jungle, that fun-loving wild man who needs some serious lessons on vine-swinging, before joining little bunny Miffy and her friends for a series of travel specials. First, they visit Europe where they see a castle and hear lots of different languages. Then, they go on safari in Africa and learn to play the drums.

Finally, if the heat is too much, kids can cool off with a dose of the South Pole with mischievous penguin Pingu. Along with his little sister Pinga and best friend Robby the Seal, Pingu has been charming families for over 30 years with his curious nature and Penguinese chatter.

There’s plenty more programming available on-demand this summer, all for free. Curious kids can find it on Freeview channel 211 or via the Ketchup TV app.

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