Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023


TX: Weekends from 9pm

If you’re looking for an intriguing and entertaining murder mystery, you’ll never fail to find one on GREAT! tv.

An Aurora Teagarden Mystery is the latest fun series and is based on the best-selling books which see Aurora Teagarden, a librarian and amateur sleuth, use her skills of observation to solve crimes in her small Georgia town of Lawrenceton.

Sally’s wealthy Aunt Gladys dies from poisoning after giving a wedding toast, prompting Aurora to inspect Gladys’ will for clues as to who would have wanted her gone in An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: An Inheritance To Die For.

A taunting clue left for Aurora at a meeting begins a cat-and-mouse game between her and a mysterious criminal who commits increasingly serious crimes that leave the town rattled in the riveting episode, An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Game Of Cat And Mouse.

In An Aurora Teagarden Mystery: The Disappearing Game Aurora moves into a new home and suddenly four students from a nearby college vanish. When one of the missing students turns up dead, Aurora and her new neighbour, Nick, begin their own investigation.​


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