PBS Changes The World in 100 Days

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

The 100 Days That Defined Modern History

PBS: UK PREMIERE Starts Monday 21 August at 8.45pm

The period between Napoleon’s re-emergence from exile in 1815 and his defeat at Waterloo came to be known as ‘The Hundred Days’, and demonstrated that the world could change dramatically within a matter of weeks.

This six-part series applies a comparable timespan to key events from the 20th century – The Fall of France, D-Day, the Suez Crisis, The Assassinations of Martin Luther King & Robert F. Kennedy, The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Gulf War – as a useful framework for examining the backdrop and context.

Often highlighting unfamiliar aspects, graphics, maps, archive material and expert contributors all offer insights into how these historical storms came about, how they developed and evolved, and the changes they would leave in their wake.


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