PBS Gets The Blitz Spirit

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

PBS: Friday 9 February at 7.50pm

Blitz Spirit with Lucy

In 1940, Hitler may have brought death and devastation down on London’s East End, yet the Luftwaffe’s relentless bombing campaign would also engender a stoical resilience that came to be celebrated as the ‘Blitz Spirit’.

Join historian Lucy Worsley as she examines the plight of those whose neighbourhoods had become target areas, their local streets scarred by fire, rubble and ruin, with the grim expectation of more to follow. From a variety of back- grounds and social classes, these people persevered under the constant threat of annihilation from the air.

While courageous tales of ‘keeping calm and carrying on’ are part of the story, this account also acknowledges that a sometimes unhelpful government would also contribute to the frustration and anger.


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