PBS Investigates The History of Fake News

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

From ancient cave drawings to social media posts, humans have long sought power through the promotion of a particular worldview. Emotive appeals, threats and unrealistic promises are age-old tools of the influencer.

We live in an era of unprecedented access to news of all kinds, with an abundance of hidden agendas and “alternative facts” circulating online, and images no more trustworthy than text. This timely documentary charts the history of propaganda, showing how its techniques have evolved through the ages.

Analysing today’s turbulent media landscape, Propaganda: The Art Of Selling Lies (PBS 7 April 8.35pm) reveals the secrets of propagandist persuasion, from its more innocuous forms to the point where it departs from mere advertising and becomes a powerful weapon deployed by demagogues.


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