PBS Remembers D-Day

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Three Days in June: The Story of The D-Day Forecast

PBS: Wednesday 5 June at 8.35pm

For a few tense days in June 1944, the success of D-Day depended on weather readings taken by Maureen Sweeney at a remote weather station on Ireland’s west coast. Unaware of the significance of her work, Maureen’s readings pointed out an impending storm which led to the postponement of the invasion.

Maureen’s data threw Eisenhower’s meticulously planned invasion strategy into chaos. He was forced to mediate between opposing weather advisors and Generals, leaving him to make one of the most difficult decisions in the entire war.

This enlightening documentary includes a special interview with the now 96-year-old Maureen, a living link to a unique moment in history, when military might and meteorological analysis collided.


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