Romance Blooms On GREAT! TV

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023



Prepare to get lovey-dovey this September, as GREAT! tv presents GREAT! romance every Saturday from 11am, showcasing some of the best love story favourites to keep you feeling charmed throughout the month!

A young caterer, Jenny Fintley (Lacey Chabert), inherits half a house in All of My Heart. She learns that the house’s co-owner is Brian Howell (Brennan Elliot), a Wall Street trader who is obsessed with nothing but work. The pair do not get on initially, but the tide soon changes direction when the two of them must work together to restore the house which they have inherited.

Jodie Carpenter (Brooke Williams) feels her sail-making company ‘The Loft’ is under threat when Charles Prescott (Mark Mitchinson) purchases the port where the business is situated looking to carry out a big expansion. In an attempt to save the local businesses located on the marina, Jodie spends her time trying to teach the architect of the redevelopment, Will Calvin (Matthew Walker), of the local community and its cultural traditions. Whilst trying to save the local community, however, the pair set sail for more than what they had initially bargained for.

Lastly, Love Struck Café follows the story of Megan Quinn (Sarah Jane Morris) who must convince an old hometown friend to sell her land so that the architect company which she works for can begin redevelopment upon it. Struggling with the task, she must also take care of her injured father and the family café, whilst also managing with the reconnection with her childhood sweetheart Joe (Andrew W. Walker), who broke her heart.


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