See Miami Go Wild On Smithsonian

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Smithsonian: Premiere – Wednesday, 25 May at 8pm

Welcome to the wild side of Miami, where peacocks strut in the streets, giant iguanas throng the canal banks and colourful parakeets wreak havoc in the power lines. The melting pot of Miami is home to myriad species hailing from distant shores, many of which aren’t welcome.

Here, invasive species—often released as unwanted pets or arriving as unwitting stowaways in international cargo — vie for space alongside the locals, all thriving in the tropical climate of Southern Florida.

Set in a neighbourhood park, Miami Wild follows a diverse cast of furry, feathered, finned and scaly characters struggling to carve out territory, find new mates and raise their families.

Voiced by Miami’s own Gloria Estefan, this tale of international immigrants plays out to an up-tempo score inspired by Miami’s rich musical heritage.


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