Friday, December 8th, 2017

Built on individualism and compromise, independence and cooperation, Jazz has been called the purest expression of American democracy. Ken Burns’ documentary mini-series on the subject, ‘Jazz,’ airs in full Sunday 10 December on PBS.

The 12-part series presents the history of America’s greatest original art from, from its humble beginnings in the 1890s in New Orleans to the present.

The first episode, ‘Gumbo: Beginnings to 1917,’ explores how African-American musicians began to create a new music out of a combination of influences, from Italian opera to Caribbean rhythms.

The second episode, ‘The Gift: 1917 to 1924,’ takes on two extraordinary cities—New York and Chicago—and two extraordinary artists—Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington—whose work will span almost three-quarters of a century.

Further episodes explore the development of the genre through the 30s, 40s and 50s, before finally tracing its influences on present-day music.

All 12 episodes air back-to-back from 10:20am GMT on Sunday 10 December.

What the industry says about US

BBC World News, UK and Middle East

Podjetje Global Listings je izvrsten BBC-jev partner in veseli smo, da lahko z njim sodelujemo na področju Bližnjega vzhoda. V regiji, kjer krepimo svojo prisotnost, je nujno, da lokalnim trgom nudimo prave informacije v pravem jeziku in v pravem formatu. Prepričani smo, da bo podjetje Global Listings diviziji BBC Global News zagotavljalo prvovrstne storitve, in se veselimo tesnega sodelovanja z njimi.

BIKE Channel, Europe

BIKE sodeluje z Global Listings od leta 2015. Zanesljivo so nas podpirali, ko smo širili svojo prisotnost v Italiji in v Združenem kraljestvu. Karkoli in kadarkoli potrebujemo, Global Listings zagotavlja izvrstne storitve in tehnično podporo.