Friday, September 2nd, 2022

Smithsonian: Stunt – Saturday, 17 September from 4pm

From the large to the small, explore some the world’s wildest creatures, including:

CRAZY MONSTER FROGS – Mutants armed with regenerative powers, giants lurking in underground tombs, and prehistoric creatures with a taste for dinosaurs. These are not horror movie monsters, they’re the world’s wildest frogs.

OCEAN SUPER PREDATORS – From the Atlantic to the Pacific and from pole to pole, our oceans of full of predators with mighty appetites… and equally mighty brains. These wise assassins set elaborate traps, form unlikely alliances, and constantly evolve to improve their hunting skills and better protect themselves from new threats. Join us as we visit the waters off the coasts of Alaska, South Africa, Argentina and beyond to witness the age-old hunting strategies and newly discovered secrets of the ocean’s super predators… the geniuses of the sea.

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