Monday, October 18th, 2021

The elements of fire, water, and air formed the Earth over billions of years, but in a short period of time, humans have severely transformed it all. Over the millennia, our impact has become so significant, it has
started to change the planet’s ecosystems. So, how do we move forward in this altered world we’ve created and what we can do to change both our behaviour and our environment?

Travel the globe with the full AGE OF HUMANS series from 8pm on Wednesday 20th, as we examine humankind’s influence on Earth, from the dawn of civilisation to today, and the steps we’re taking to create a positive future.

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I continue to be VERY happy and impressed with your GL teams. Thank you so much for everything!

VOD365, UK

Global Listings has a wonderful team and they deliver a very professional service. As our VOD partner, they have made a fantastic impact on Ketchup TV and helped our business tremendously. Global Listings’ Freeview EPG management service made an immediate positive impact on our viewing numbers.