Friday, October 22nd, 2021

From 4pm on Hallowe’en, spend a spooky evening with Smithsonian Channel and a line-up of programmes including CRAZY MONSTER FROGS. Mutants armed with regenerative powers. Giants lurking in underground tombs. These are not horror movie monsters. They’re the world’s wildest frogs. Join us as we explore this family of freaks and their weird and wonderful abilities, from bone claws to glass skin to lethal poisons. See the invisible, hairy, and disfigured creatures of the amphibian world. Then meet the prehistoric devil frog, a
carnivorous, pit bull-sized beast that lunched on dinosaurs.

Then, THE CURIOUS LIFE AND DEATH OF… sees author and medical historian Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris will use science, tests, and demonstrations to shed new light on famous deaths, ranging from former Rolling Stone Brian Jones to magician Harry Houdini. Using her lab to perform virtual autopsies, experiment with blood samples, interview witnesses and conduct real-time demonstrations, Dr. Fitzharris will put these mysterious deaths to the test. Along the way, she’ll be joined by a revolving cast of experts, including Scotland Yard detectives, medical examiners, weapons gurus and more.


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