Smithsonian Military History Day

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Spend the evening exploring some of the 20th century’s most iconic military battles (SATURDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 FROM 4PM), including: THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY: 85 DAYS IN HELL – On the morning of June 6, 1944, thousands of ships reached the French coast of Normandy as part of an Allied operation to take back France from the Germans. For the next 85 days, U.S., British, and Canadian soldiers engaged in conflicts of unimaginable violence, conquering and liberating the region’s cities, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. BATTLE OF MIDWAY: THE TRUE STORY – It’s June 1942 and the world’s fate is about to be decided by a handful of pilots and their untested aircraft. Experience an inside look at the Battle of Midway, captured through rarely seen battle footage and first-hand accounts from its hero dive-bombing pilot, “Dusty” Kleiss. BATTLE OF OKINAWA IN COLOUR – Okinawa was the site of the last battle of the last great war of the 20th century, with a casualty rate in the tens of thousands. Through it all, military cameramen risked their lives to film the conflict, from brutal land combat to fierce kamikaze attacks at sea. See the footage they captured and experience this intense battle the way the soldiers saw it — in colour. GALLIPOLI – The largest sea-borne invasion of its time, Gallipoli was supposed to turn the tide of the First World War. Instead, it became the burial ground for thousands of British, Australian and Turkish troops.

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