Smithsonian’s Sacred Sites

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Sacred Sites (Tuesday 2nd March, 8pm) takes viewers around the globe to explore some of the world’s most hallowed ancient shrines and temples. From ancient Greece to the Chaco Canyon, this series provides exciting new insights into these sacred places and the people who built them, based on scientific breakthroughs, archaeological research and enthralling mythology. In the premiere episode, Temples Of The Priestesses, new discoveries in archaeology and science reveal the astonishing role of women in the ancient world. From mother goddesses and fertility deities to matriarchies and high priestesses, these stories uncover the dynamic role of women in ancient society – a role that has been written out of history.

The following week, Apocalypse investigates catastrophes and cataclysms that have destroyed numerous cultures from the past – many of them never revealed until now. From a worldwide collapse of civilisation in the Bronze Age (possibly caused by an asteroid crash) to plagues and pandemics in the modern era, humanity has always feared apocalypse… and ancient disasters reveal much about our present world.


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It has been fantastic working with Global Listings. They have been helpful and responsive – they have provided all the information requested. As we were new to the market, we had lots of questions. They were able to smooth things out and help us where we needed it. The execution of our business relationship has been seamless.

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In an increasingly competitive European TV marketplace, those channels that succeed are those that help viewers make an informed choice from the schedule. We are delighted to be working with a leading-edge organisation that helps its clients transform their listings and improve the service to both customers, journalists and platform owners alike.