Smithsonian’s Shark Stories

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Humankind has tamed almost our entire planet, but there are some remote outposts where the wild still rules. One such place is Ascension Island, halfway between West Africa and Brazil. This British territory is the tip of an underwater volcano, and is one of the most isolated ecosystems on the planet. But the island has been shaken and economically damaged by shark attacks – including an attack on Frankie Gonsalves, a British woman who was snorkeling. The resident Galapagos sharks, as well as tiger sharks, hammerheads, even great whites, lured here every year by the bountiful reefs, are displaying aggressive behaviour.

Shark Ganglands (Wednesday 5th August, 8pm) dives into the mystery behind the altered behaviour of these hungry predators, and points a finger at wealthy sports fishermen and trophy hunters. Shark Ganglands also explores whether efforts to bring this delicate ecosystem back into balance can work.


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