Friday, October 8th, 2021

It’s the plane – and the pilot – that changed the face of aviation. In 1947, American pilot Chuck Yeager climbed into a bizarre experimental aircraft in an attempt to do the impossible: fly faster than the speed of sound.

BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER (Tuesday 12th, 8pm) is the story of the creation of the X-1 aircraft – from its seemingly impossible goal to its extraordinary accomplishment that made history and launched new generations of X planes. It is also the tale of Yeager’s come-from-behind journey to break the sound barrier and lead a new generation of test

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As a company, we monitor our sales on daily basis and as such we potentially have to change schedules at a moment’s notice. When working with Global listings this is made easy. Their can-do attitude means we are not hindered by bureaucracy or rigid SLAs – we make the change and they do all the hard work... great service!


I continue to be VERY happy and impressed with your GL teams. Thank you so much for everything!