Friday, October 22nd, 2021

GREAT! Movies has a brilliant line up of classic films staring Hollywood legend Tom Hanks from 2.45pm on Sunday 24th. In the classic rom-com SPLASH, Allen Bauer is convinced that he was saved from drowning as a boy by a mermaid. As an adult he goes back to the same place, despite now having an intense fear of water. Allen again falls into the sea, and is rescued by the now adult mermaid. He can’t tell if he imagined his rescue, but when the mermaid shows up in New York City, with a brand-new pair of legs, in search of Allen, he can’t believe his eyes. Also starring Daryl Hannah.

Then, tired of being pushed around by the bigger kids and not being taken seriously by his crushes, twelve-year-old Josh asks the mysterious Zoltan fortune-teller machine to make him BIG. Zoltar grants his wish and the following day he wakes up as a thirty-year-old version of himself, played by Hanks. With the help of his best friend, Billy, Josh learns how to act like a grown-up, gets a job, starts an adult relationship and learns how to be part of the adult world, all whilst trying to keep his secret under wraps. But with the innocence of his youth fading as he settles into adult life, Josh must ask himself again if this is truly what he asked for? Finally, TURNER & HOOCH is a buddy cop comedy with a canine twist! Having not been able to work on a case higher than a misdemeanour charge, officer Scott Turner can’t wait to leave his local police department in a few days for the big city to pursue some ‘real’ cases. But after a high-profile murder takes place in the small-town, Turner takes on one more case. The only problem is that the closest thing to a witness of the murder Turner has is Hooch, the victim’s noisy and boisterous dog, of whom Turner must now take care.

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