Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

TRACE Urban are wishing a happy birthday to the British pop star, feminist campainger and fashion icon Dua Lipa! With the release of of her single “We’re Good” in February, Dua’s had a “Hotter Than Hell” year. Her 2020 album “Future Nostalgia” was nominated for 2 grammys and won Best Pop Vocal Album, and next year we can finally get to see the live tour, so it’s time for us to celebrate the artist of our “Dreams” on her big day, 22 August. So let’s have a “Last Dance” for her big 26th birthday on TRACE Urban!

Watch Dua Lipa on TRACE Urban on Saturday 22 August at 7PM CET.

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I continue to be VERY happy and impressed with your GL teams. Thank you so much for everything!

London Live, UK

I have worked with Global Listings both during my time at Universal and more recently at London Live. They have been extremely professional and prompt with their delivery of our monthly highlights and are always quick to question anything that doesn’t seem right. I would definitely recommend them.