Van Damme Takes GREAT! Action To Hell!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023


IN HELL (2003)

Action icon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, must survive in a prison where hardened criminals battle to the death for the wardens’ entertainment. ​

When Kyle LeBlanc (Van Damme) is prosecuted for killing the man who murdered his wife, he is sent to the most notoriously violent prison in Eastern Europe, where brutality is an understatement. ​

Guards force the prisoners into death matches for their own personal profit, and the already violent inmates are provoked until they’re barely recognisable as human beings. ​

Though Kyle initially holds nothing but contempt for his fellow cell mates, it isn’t long before their rage takes root in his own mind.​

When it’s his turn to fight, channelling that rage may be the only chance he has at survival.


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