Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

A+E Networks, in partnership with social media giant Snapchat, will soon debut a short-form series in which ex-couples reunite to hash out their problems and explore possible reconciliation. ‘Second Chance’ was produced by A+E’s new in-house digital agency 45th & Dean, marking the Networks’ first foray into mobile-first original content. It’s also the first unscripted dramatic series for Snapchat Shows not based on an existing brand, but, in a slight departure from the typical reality-show format, the melodrama is peppered with Snapchat-esque flourishes like handwritten messages across the video.

Described as “raw and relatable”, the original series fits into a broad development deal spearheaded by Snapchat Vice President of Content Nick Bell and 45th & Dean General Manager Paul Greenberg to create content for Snapchat’s Discover service, a platform accessible to users across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

After ‘Second Chance’ premieres in April, the show will have an eight-week run, with a new episode dropping every week.

Regarding their recent collaboration and similar projects now in the works, Bell stated, “A+E’s investment in mobile storytelling is exactly what Snapchat Shows are all about.”


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